Davinci PL Chocolate Mint 750ml


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Try this classic combination of dark, rich chocolate mixed with a cool, airy blast of peppermint with DaVinci Gourmet chocolate mint classic coffee flavoring syrup. This sweet, smooth syrup makes a welcome addition to coffees and cakes. Developed specifically to complement specialty coffees and espresso-based beverages, this syrup provides subtle nuances of the flavors it depicts without overpowering the fine components of the coffee. Use as a delectable topping for ice creams and cheesecakes or mix into the batter for cakes and cookies at your bakery counter. DaVinci Classic Syrups are formulated with authentic flavors and pure cane sugar for the ideal balance of sweetness and flavor. Perfected for specialty coffee beverages, our classic syrups are low in citric acid so they won?t curdle milk and contain a specific flavor blend designed to maintain delicious flavor in hot beverages.

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